Episode 30

Published on:

20th Sep, 2022

Episode 29

Published on:

6th Sep, 2022

Episode 28

Published on:

23rd Aug, 2022

Episode 27

Published on:

9th Aug, 2022

Episode 26

Published on:

26th Jul, 2022

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About the Podcast

Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem
Wisconsin True Crime from Author and Criminal Historian, Gavin Schmitt
Wisconsin has had it's fair share of notorious criminals that have been in the spotlight over the years, but what about bizarre crimes and mayhem that have vanished over time? Join author Gavin Schmitt and Eric Wulterkens as they take you through stories of crimes that were once front page news. Gavin will share crimes from his book "Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem" as well as those that have never been shared by him before.

If you're a fan of true crime who is tired of hearing about the same murders over and over, then you'll definitely like this podcast. And as listeners from the Wisconsin Fox Cities have said, some of these stories (such as the Appleton Butcher episode) have brought back memories of when they first heard about the cases as children. Not from Wisconsin? Don't worry, no knowledge of Wisconsin is necessary to enjoy these episodes.